Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cut Basics

Cut Basics

Plant material must be in good condition. With flowers just opened, including the bud as well. Flowers should be picked in the morning or evening. Easily and quickly withered stems, if cut mid-day, when the plant dehydration.

As cut flowers are slightly higher than on another flower formation of collateral. Make a clean cut, sharp knife or scissors. Try not to crush or bruise stems. Remove some of the leaves and stems fall rapidly as possible in warm water. Most people use cold water to make a mistake - thought it would be fresh flowers. Life processes within the plant, there is life on other things, by the slowdown in warm and cold stimuli. Since it is crucial flowers absorb water after they have been cut, therefore, they should be placed in a warm, not cold water.

Florist put flowers in a vase new shipments 100-110 ° F water, then put the vase in a cool place until the stems have become completely filled water. Warm water around the stem and the combination of cold air around the top, it seems to do the trick.

With a wide mouth vase or bucket of warm water with your garden and cut each stem to join it, you cut it in an instant. When the container is full, but not crowded, let it stand in the coolest part of your home.

After that, it took warm and cool air conditioning adequate treatment - which usually takes about two hours, they are ready to arrange. Stripped, will be below the water line in arranging any leaves. If you leave, they will break down, resulting in unpleasant odors, bacteria also foul the water, clogging flower water equipment guide and accelerate its death.

Pruned stems should at this point. Many tests have been carried out to determine whether the stem is cut straight across or in tilted, with a knife or scissors. These factors have nothing to spend life. Squeeze the lever can compress some cells and limit intake of water is easy, and for that reason most florists use a sharp knife or a sharp pair of scissors double blades, rather than the blade and anvil type of chopper.

Most commercial preservative helps flowers. With the rapid energy sugar, they also provide a useful substance; bacteria suppressing material, in order to control the spread of those stem end portion blocking microorganisms; acidic substance to reduce the alkalinity of the water and reduce the growth of microorganisms; metal salts, in order to maintain the color of the petals; and respiratory inhibitors, to reduce metabolic rate flower. In the best case, these preparations can double the life of cut flowers. If you want to use them, as long as cut flowers begin to use them; the preservative for you to carry the garden vase or bucket.

What helps to keep the environment clean cut more stringent. Ensure that the container you use is free, from the previous floral leave any dust, and to take fresh water in 100-110 ° F, not cold - every day. If you have time, completely eliminating the flowers and filled containers. If when preservatives, it is not necessary to change the water; simply replenished daily with fresh warm water, is used to replace the flowers. Cut will also last for a long time, and if they keep the air flow and strong sunlight, these two speed up the process of transpiration.

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